Bonjour! My name is Sandrine. I live in MTL. Vive le Québec! Snowboard - Ski - Swimming - Camping - Jogging - Photography - Friends - Pretty little liars - Vampire Diaries - Gossip Girl - One Tree Hill
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“My gears they grind 
 More each day 
 And I feel like  
 They’re gonna grind away

 And the city blocks
 They drive me wild 
 They’re never ending 
 Mile after mile

 I just don’t know what to do 
 I’m too afraid to love you”

— The Black Keys - Too Afraid to Love You
Anonyme asked: are you straight?

Yes I am

Anonyme asked: Didn't you used to have a yourworldoftext somewhere?

Nope. I might sound silly but, what’s a yourworldoftext? ahah

Anonyme asked: selfie?

Here you go:p